KULT Underground

una della più "antiche" e-zine italiane – attiva dal 1994

She stood here

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In a crowded room I stood still
Graced by her beauty was a chill
there she stood all innocent and sweet
stunning in beauty from head to feet

there she was single and free
pondering if this is the one for me
beginning to wonder and walk
If I approach her will she smile and talk

If she looks and gives a smile
that will be my chance to talk to her for a while
oh no could it be
if I talk will she flee

my heart beating a faster pace
oh god I wish we could meet face to face
There she was all dressed in red
longing to meet but nothing said

Looking confident, sophisticated and smart
priceless like a work of art
all senses of grace and class
glowing from her face to the finger on her glass

there I stood nervous and shy
no move made it will have to be goodbye
swallow your pride and take a chance
for this is an opportunity of pure romance

closer and closer did I go
nearer and nearer did the opportunity flow
faster and faster did my heart pace
just a few steps and we would be face to face

finally, there I did arrive
asking her if she wanted to dance or jive
to this she did agree
on the dance floor we dance with glee

spell bound my her charm
dancing together arm in arm
then oh no what in hell
the ring on her finger rang chimes of a wedded bell

Saif Khan

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