KULT Underground

una della più "antiche" e-zine italiane – attiva dal 1994


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how many times do we sit to question you
without the true knowledge of you
as many sit down and cry
to ask you the reason why

May be they should sit back and reflect
on the path they did select
may be then it will come to mind
solutions to their problems they will find

life is no competition or race
nor is it a competition for you to face
it is about enjoying and living
doing good and enjoying the feeling

Remember from who you came
no-one is different everyone is the same
do not campare yourself to someone else’s ability
trust your intinct and especially you capability

relax and reflect on your thoughts and conceptions
ponder a while over your apprehensions
now sit back and you may come to a conclusion
of all the wrongs that have led you to confusion

Ask for forgiveness and pray
that life’s pleasures you can enjoy day by day
No more wrong shall you breed
follow the path and you shall succeed

Asif Khan

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