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At the first and at the second

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At the first and at the second

Fatties! Are your digestive juices still trying to digest all the rubbish you ate at Christmas and you’re just sitting there doing nothing? Do you think reading Kult will help you? Do you really believe that sitting in front of the computer screen will help that laborious process that is going on inside your body? You deserve to be forced to watch the video of “Spice Girls – The movie” for infinity.
The deluge of new releases that occurs at the end of the year (more later) coincides with the last of my articles dedicated entirely to reviews of films from the 54th Venice Cinema Festival, from next month we’ll go back to the pot-pourri of lagunar reviews, first showings, nth showings, etc….
Later I’ll have plenty to say about three pretty interesting films, chosen from the reviews or late night TV broadcasts and put under the microscope.

Michele Benatti

(Tr. Sara McCann)