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una della più "antiche" e-zine italiane – attiva dal 1994

Love as was before

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Love as was before

winter was a summer tale, death nothing more than a scaring dream for kids, but Love was so bad before
I used to try it lying on my knees
then you came into my life
like the wind after the noon
and spread my fears away
on the dark face of moon
mountains were as high as sky, clouds running white as sea touching the shore, but Love well it was so bad before
I tasted it once and didn’t want no more
then I saw something in you
I’ve never seen around
that raised my closed eyes
in a place with warmest sound
but now even those days are over and maybe I feel too bad to recognise small gifts of life and still to think I’m glad
but now everything’s flown away
and I simply feel too sad
because I deadly miss something
I really never had
and forests are wide as much can be, cities are crowded as my eyes are full of tears, but Love was so cruel before to not think to need you near.
the moon is cursing me,
up there at night,
stars are simply laughing
`cause I surely won’t die,
but Love
was so cold before, (so cold, indeed)
that if I look just at one piece
I needed at least one more.
but Love
was so strange before (so strange, you said)
that when I met you baby
I thought I started to soar.

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