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Prague’s Tale

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Prague Journey

I wanna narrate a tale about a man who fell in love with a Town and the incredible story that occurred to him.
I can call this man like M.
The Town I am speaking about is Prague. M. left his home town on
Thursday 4th in the afternoon with three friends of his. First stop was Venice. He had 3 hours before the train to Prague started and so he came out of the station and saw the canal, the church and the tourists walking in front of the station. He felt a sort of peace sensation entering his soul. He was happy and three hours flew away.
Then M. boarded the train to Prague and read his spot. Unfortunately
M. had an awful night, he didn’t succeeded in sleeping; I think because he was thinking all night about his beautiful D. He had left, lonely, at home. The train crossed the Austrian Alps under a romantic sky crying snow.
M. changed train in Wien and reached Prague at 13.30 and just he went out a girl and her husband offered him a very suitable accommodation quite close to the town centre. I dunno what M. did during his holiday in the Czech capital but I do know what occurred to him the last day he stopped in Prague; and now I’m going to tell it to my dear A., a golden haired girl who comes from England.
In that afternoon M. climbed to the castle hill to look for a spot to stay on his own; him and his soul, to write and to dream. He found a delicious place behind the castle in the Belvedere gardens. The view was fantastic, he could see the castle and all the city, it seemed like a painting painted by God. When the sun vanished beyond the castle and the afterglow rosed the town, a light breeze blew. M. decided to go down to the old town but while he was walking he saw a small door beside the castle and he tried to open it, he pulled and the door opened. M. entered the castle. he couldn’t see anything `cos he found himself in a dark narrow corridor, he hit his lighter and saw another door at the end of the passage, he opened that door and went out into the castle town… but…
What happened? Castle town was different he couldn’t recognize it. He saw an old cab passing down the golden lane, people dressed old fashioned and the restaurant and the stalls were missing.
-Oh my God!- exclaimed poor M.
M. met a man walking down the road and said:
-I beg your pardon Sir, may you tell me today’s date?-
-Of course, Sir- he replied -Today is 8th April, 1902-
M. thought – I am sleeping. I am dreaming It can’t be possible!- It was very cold, yellow stars were watching M. from a dark sky, suddenly a horrible fog came down and covered the town.
A trembling M. entered the first “vinarna” he met. It was crowed but he found a seat near the desk. A young man was sitting at the same table, when M. reached it the young man stood up and said -Please, my dear horseman coming the future- he called the waiter and ordered a
Pilsner for his new guest. M. sit down and watched the man, he looked like someone M. had known in the past, or…perhaps someone he had seen in a photo but he didn’t succeed in remembering who the man in front of him was. M. began to drink his lager and the young man with a strong sworthy complexion went on speaking.
-Dear walker man I am very happy you have find the door of the past, I am very glad you can see “Old Prague”, if you like I will be very proud to show you the secret spots of my magic town.-
M. answered -But I dunno if I am dreaming or not!-
Said the young man -He doesn’t matter! What’s the difference? I’ll carry you towards a fantastic, terrific journey! Is it ok?-
-Of course- replied M. -but can I know with whom I am speaking now?-
-Yes. My dear wanderer, I am Franz Kafka…-
I haven’t seen M. for many years. I think he remained in Prague.

Matteo Ranzi

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