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Chess Assistant 3.0

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Chess Assistant 3.0

In previous issues I talked about ChessBase and BOOKUP so this month I want to talk about the latest version of Chess Assistant: version 3.0!
Chess Assistant 3.0 is a database for Windows 95 which is compatible with Genius 4 or 5 and Rebel 6, 7 & 8.
It is distributed in Italy by Messaggerie Scacchistiche, has an unlimited tree of variables and contains 800,000 games on the CD of which 4000 are analyses.
The graphics are satisfactory and the interface allows the user to print out the opening moves in encyclopedia style, make fast searches, even for positions, and read Cbf, Pgn and CAdos formats.
One of the nice things about Chess Assistant 3.0 in that you can receive 14,000 extra games every two months (thanks to a Data Service). Obviously the service is not free.
So there’s not much to say about this version except that considering the various additions,when you do your sums it should be a better buy than Chess Base. It is still compatible with the format, it does the same things, so it’s still a copy. There are those who prefer it…

Federico Malavasi

(Tr. Sara McCann)