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Happy New Year

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Happy new year

1998. That means, only two years left to the next millennium. Only two years that we, KULT Underground crew, want to see full of new ideas spread around full power, thanks to Internet, multimedia, computers and, above all, creative people. This new year means a lot, or nothing, to us. It means a lot ‘cause every step me make we sense that something good is growing inside us and around us, and a turning point, as is, for us, to change the last two digit in our EXE, is like a milestone. But of course it means nothing ‘cause we try to see in every new number, in every new edition the same change, just without the glamour and the attendance that just festivity can bring to our souls.
By the way what this new year will mean for us (for YOU) is too soon to tell. Something’s already happened, something’s other is not yet in our minds. And talking about the present, well, I’m sure none of you can avoid to see our first step to international readability.
This is an idea born long ago, but our editorial stuff, drown by the normal flood of carrying on with a no-profit multimedia magazine, has not been able to realize it, since new people who’s decided to jump on our train, has taken us not only the ideas but the power and the true wish to make them a fact.
I’m talking in first place about Beatrice Di Venosa (known by KULT
Underground people for her care and articles about movies and cinematography), but she’s “just” the leader of an internal wide movement who wish to see our magazine readable and understandable from every place in the world.
And so we want to truly thanks to all the people who, from this january, will help us to translate some of our texts in english, as
Sara McCann, and Angela Di Pasquale.
We don’t know if it will be possible to do this thing every month, and we’re sure we can’t assume to have a regular number of translation, but we’ll try (as usual) to do our best. And for this reason we’ll appreciate every extern contribution we’ll be able to receive.

Talking about other international things dealing with KULT
Underground, we’re proud to say that we’re been the official site of the New Year’s Day Chess Competition, and that, thanks to Alessandra
Riegler and our webmaster Meassi Gianluca, we’ve had the day by day classify situation, with matches even id CBF downloadable format.

Before leaving you, in order to read this january rich number, I want to give you a last quick note: “Nella rete del giovane Holden 2”, the artistic competition we’re going to support for the second year has now offically started. We invite you to read more about it at the http address


or at


as soon as they’ll be on-line.
Have a nice reading, and, again, happy new year.

Marco Giorgini

(Tr. Marco Giorgini)