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At the first and at the second

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At the first and at the second

Seeing as April seems to have got stuck on the same films as March, apart from the homonymous (quite good) film by Nanni Moretti, I’m taking advantage of the occasion to have another look at an emblematic film by Tarkovskij and to do a "real time" review of Mimmo Calopresti’s new film, "Notes of Love".
April has been a sleepy month for the cinema too with the release of moderately intersting films such as "Sphere", "Sex and Power", "Breakdown", "Femmina" (gulp) as well as the extension of the sucessful "Full Monty", "Titanic" and "Something Has Changed" starring the wax statue of Jack Nicholson. We haven’t been able to see "Kundun" ,"Kiss or Kill" or "A Life Less Ordinary" either in Modena or in Reggio Emilia. Why? May will bring the Cannes Film Festival where we will be well represented after a few years at low tide. Au revoir.

Michele Benatti (Tr. Sarah McCann)