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The Full Monty

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The Full Monty

G.B. 1997
Peter Cattaneo
Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Addy,
Paul Barber, Steve Huison
Simon Beaufoy
John De Borman
Redgrave Films
1 and 31 ‘

Initiative, courage, despair are the ingredients to solve unemployment. A group of men without job decides to strip n front of shouting women to earn some money. We have six men in despair, six workers without a job that must maintain their families. None is really beautiful, attractive and with a good body. One is fat, the other one is rather old with grey hair, the other is very thin, another does nothing but it is rather "equipped". What can they do together? They have never made this kind of job, and if they stripped, they did behind a curtain or in front their women. There is no job and they must redeem in front of the whole city.
The film is a good comedy, simple and truthful and it remembers us the Italian comedies of the neoralism that picked up the actors from everyday life. They live near us or we meet them in the streets. Besides facing the new experience of striptease they must also face the experience of dancing. They start learning, and the select music, "you leave your hat on", traditionally associated to women striptease is choosed. Is there something particularly in this choice?
During the film a deep friendship develops, a new love arises and an old one revives.
We appreciate the actors, part of which taken from the road, but others we already know as Tom Wilkinson and Robert Carlyle.. The history is set in Sheffield, a very rich area twenty-five years ago when the English industry was florid.

Beatrice Di Venosa