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At the first and the second

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At the first and the second

“Titanic” has arrived and any hope of seeing anything a bit different or classic has sunk along with it. Three and a quarter hours of water as salty as the sea, as frozen as the iceberg and as wet as the audience’s tears will flood the best cinemas in Italy for weeks on end, seeing as there’s only time for one show a night.
Titanic lovers will soon be contented, but it’s not over yet! “The
Jackal”, “Deconstructing Harry” and the new release “In and Out” will bring American cinema back to prominence after a disastrous Christmas which had Pieraccione and Benigni laughing while they squeezed
Hercules’ balls.
Speaking of America, this is the first month I’m writing in the knowledge that this article will be published in English too. As I presume the readers’ comments (which are still not being passed on to me…) will also be translated, I thought I might just drive the translator mad by starting a discussion on films in Italian dialect.
What a load of crap! I’ve had better ideas in my time.

Michele Benatti

(Tr. Sara McCann)