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SUSSURRI | Love as was before winter was a summer tale, death nothing more than a scaring dream for kids, but Love was so bad beforeI used to try it lying on my kneesthen you came into my lifelike the wind after the noonand spread my fears awayon the dark face of... | 25/11/1997
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SUSSURRI | I feel to know I feel to knowwhat's behind your eyes what lives inside your heart what you're looking for, now. I think to know: it's not the same sky not the same blue night I see not the same love song I hear in the distance not the same book I read,... | 25/12/1997
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EDITORIALE | Last DOS number Talking of unkept promises...There are a few interesting thing to tell you: at the beginning, when we started, it was more or less the days of Wolf3D, so we thought "why don't make our readers walk in a virtual 3d environment and find... | 25/2/1998
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