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SUSSURRI | lemme see U again Have a nicecrocodile a party without guests and flowers one day with rain and sun and towers Have whatever you like finger inside a honey cup a strange pretty smile a cat naked hat and let me see you again let me see you hunting a... | 25/4/1997
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SUSSURRI | I feel to know I feel to knowwhat's behind your eyes what lives inside your heart what you're looking for, now. I think to know: it's not the same sky not the same blue night I see not the same love song I hear in the distance not the same book I read,... | 25/12/1997
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EDITORIALE | Happy new year 1998. That means, only two years left to the next millennium. Only two years that we, KULT Underground crew, want to see full of new ideas spread around full power, thanks to Internet, multimedia, computers and, above all, creative... | 25/1/1998
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CINEMA | Will it snow for Christmas? It depends where you are. At one time I thought I had a moral responsibility towards my fellow man to go and see this film. "Will it snow for Christmas", together with "Love Stories", which I haven't seen yet, had seemed for... | 25/2/1998
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