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SUSSURRI | It's easy (to let you enter into my mind) They tell "this morning is another morning"They tell "when the facts become something to talk about it's all over" They tell, to say the truth, that you don't matter anymore, but it's like a whirstle it's like... | 25/3/1996
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SUSSURRI | lemme see U again Have a nicecrocodile a party without guests and flowers one day with rain and sun and towers Have whatever you like finger inside a honey cup a strange pretty smile a cat naked hat and let me see you again let me see you hunting a... | 25/4/1997
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SUSSURRI | For you(?) I singthis way for you: four words two notes no song. I sing this way alone to state I'm here alive, and you are smiling too. And let the night falling down and leave the wind to knock I play my voice for you to see the whole world shining.... | 25/10/1997
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MUSICA | James Iha "Let it come down" If James Iha, the Smashing Pumpkins pressing guitarist, has deliberately decide to leave the fans of the band of Chicago amazed, we acknowledge it. In fact it is difficult for everyone to expect of him a debut as soloist... | 25/5/1998
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