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Chess-players of the whole world welcome back!
This is the third number of Kult Underground for Windows 95 with news about the longed for super tournament in Linares and other information about the national situation …
We were all waiting for the fifteenth tournament in Linares by classing it as one of the essential chess events for this 1998, and so it has been. The indian Anand has won and has surpassed Shirov in the last turns; third with the same score were Kramnik and the only one still unbeatable but not so fighting Kasparov. Garry Kasparov has been fined by the organization of the tournament because of his poor combativeness; the fine amounts to 6.000.000 lire (a symbolic amount of money in consideration of the large profits of the tournament).
The tournament was of the twentyfirst class FIDE with ELO medium over 2750!!! Anand has played a model tournament, loosing only against Kasparov at the third turn. In succession we report the final results that include, as we can see, only the resounding names of the world-wide game of chess.
Anand 7,5
Shirov 7
Kasparov 6,5
Kramnik 6,5
Svidler 5,5
Ivanchuk 5
Topalov 4

The tournament based on 14 turns would have confirmed that Kasparov’s worthy challenger, for the just born WCC organization led by Kasparov and Renter, is Anand; but the indian is bound by the word given to FIDE and he unwillingly refused the challenge. On the other hand, the challenger of Shirov would take back his word to FIDE for a profit of 1.300.000 dollars!!
There are some sites in Internet that can show us the matches in different forms; it is sufficient to make an inquire for Chess+Linares: I counsel the matches of Shirov because they are spectacular.
Coming back to our Italy, among the tournaments we can point out the one that goes from the 14th to the 16th of may (with 6 turns of game and 2 hours of reflection a head); it is the second international festival of Salsomaggiore Terme in Italy. Worth mentioning are also the fourteenth international festival Isola d’Elba from the 9th to the 16th of may, and the opening of the reservations for the festival of Montecatini Terme from the 1st to the 9th of august (prize money 25.000.000 lire).
Finally we are proud to say that the first team of Club64, that collaborates with us from several years, has been promoted in class B in the italian championship for teams, with in first chess-board Gabriele Franchini whose analyses were published few numbers ago.
Hoping to find you again the next month with more pithy news, I leave you at the next article concerning a match played by correspondence and I wish you good reading.

Federico Malavasi (Trad. Annalisa)


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