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Chess players and friendly readers! A huge hello to you all and best wishes for a happy and rewarding 1998. As we had promised, KULT
Underground was present at the 40th Chess Tournament (nationally and internationally renowned) held at Reggio Emilia.
KOMAROV has won the tournament scoring 7.5 points, the decisive game giving him the victory against the Israeli YUDASHIN. The Italian
Championship has been won by GM Igor EFIMOV. The remarkable performance of Ennio ARLANDI, who has played a most entertaining tournament, is worth recording, yet, the GM title proves difficult to achieve.
This 40th Tournament has been sponsored by Banca di S. Geminiano e S.
Prospero and by Banca Popolare di Verona, as the previous years. A bit of ticking off to foreign competitors who were lacking in mutual fighting spirit: on the whole, though, we have admired a very good play.
WebKULT, KULT Underground on the Web, has kept a daily updated ranking together with the results (thanks to the collaboration of Alessandra
RIEGLER and the goodwill of our Gianluca MEASSI, alias “Ganascia”).
The games, available on-line, can be still downloaded in CBF/CBI format.
Our Web address is on KULT’s last screen shot. Also available, for some months to come, the Tournament Bulletin.
F.S.I has a new champion: EFIMOV, already engaged as the trainer of our home promising young players. One more appetizing piece of news for a glorious start of the year: in Losanna, since the 2nd of
January, KARPOV has been defending the FIDE world champion title against the Indian ANAND.
The agreed cash prize for this tournament is $1,370 for the winner and about half to the loser.
At the same time of today’s issue, KARPOV, fortified by KASPAROV’s refusal to accept the challenge, is leading over Viswanathan ANAND.
More definitive and accurate details will be available on the next issue of KULT.
In the meantime, you’ll be entertained by one more article about Chess written by Gabriele FRANCHINI and more…. and more…to come.

Federico Malavasi

(Tr. Angela Di Pasquale)