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A simple Arundel night

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A simple Arundel night

(To Tabitha and Elisabeth)


I wish to be nowhere else I wish

no sign

could help me

to understand where I am:

here at this table

talking to you stripping

your English tales

one by one

and looking

with admiration

at the compounding picture...

I wish no bell

could stop me

from drinking your voice

falling into your eyes narrow path

and slowly

follow this night till the end;

You don't seem to notice

but the moon is full

mild the walking wind

warm my sense of wonder

to be so far

so in touch with everything, and so

my mouth stands still

not daring to break the pattern

this show is joining inside

tile by tile.

Tomorrow I will leave

all these stories behind

and I'll be wandering again

a bit sad, indeed,

a bit more grateful

and I'll have to find

another reason to consider

the night

my sister

and the borning day

my street;

tomorrow I'll forget

some phrases

some good looking smiles

and I'll have another

chair to sit onto



if a `thanks' is not worth

the breath you use to say it

maybe some lines could be,

maybe some sleep moving thoughs

and some eye blinking in the morning

could help me

to keep your precence in my mind

some cheerful time more.

Untold evening tale

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