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It's easy (to let you ...)

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It's easy

(to let you enter into my mind)

They tell "this morning is another morning"
They tell "when the facts become something

to talk about

it's all over"

They tell, to say the truth,

that you don't matter



it's like a whirstle

it's like the train at night

that you can hardly hear

but when you once listen to its rumble

you can't avoid

to put your thoughts on it;

I know it's wrong to cry it out

I know it's not

what should I do





to let you enter into my mind

to let you climb

the wall of my emotions

and crossing also the last line;

I walk I do I work

and I tell them

that's "allright men"

that I'm one of the Cool Big Band

and when I go out

I've got just brothers

that I call friends


then I turn my face

to avoid they read into my eyes


at the end

it's easy

to let you get into my mind.

And after the noon

it comes the night

fast as the thunder

that dimes my light

everytimes I can't decide

to go


trying to find


behind the back of this red glass,

but also then

it needs

no time

to feel your voice

warming my soul


it's true


it's easy

to let you slip

into my head

because it's true




to let you flow

into my mind.

Marco Giorgini

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:: Marco Giorgini
Marco Giorgini è nato a Modena il 21 Agosto 1971 e lavora come responsabile del settore R&D in una delle più importanti software house italiane che si occupano di linguistica applicata. Dal 1994 coordina la rivista culturale KULT Underground e dal 1996 la casa editrice virtuale KULT Virtual Press; ha tenuto conferenze, e contribuito ad organizzare mostre e concorsi letterari, tra cui ''Il sogno di Holden''. Da marzo 2005 è autore di una striscia a fumetti sul mondo degli esordienti chiamata Kurt.
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